Third slice of the Beatnicks instrumental hiphop pie delivered by fLako, Desto, Powell, Rez and more. This crew can be seen as a sort of adjunct to the excellent Beat Dimensions series, dropping crafty bombs like fLako and Berghem’s ‘PutChurHandUp’ for those who like it crushed and hazy, Powell’s ‘Street Life’ for the more techy edit fiends and a future-funked livewire from O.Boogie in ‘Kevin Flynn’.

On the B-side Ramp’s Desto drops the psyched chops of ‘Lost Bits’, Rez goes on a Dilla tip with ‘Sunday’ and Ki en Ra’s squeezes out lushly cosmic synth harmonics on a squashed and downlow vibe. Fans of Mweslee, Dorian Concept and all that jazz should check this.