Dirg Gerner, a German citizen of Chilean heritage, spent the last few years crooning away in his North East London studio. He’s a lover, a vulnerable observer, and clearly an artist, who’s managed to create an effective interface with today’s world with incredible speed. You can immediately tell Dirg is a raw uncut soul-element, blessed with a rare voice.

Released through Eglo Records (Floating Points/Alexander Nut) this 6 Track EP truly represents what Dirg Gerner is all about, 100% sung, written and produced by the man himself.

Dirg Gerner exhibits his warm vocal talents in a new self-titled release on London’s Eglo Records. The release is an incredible 6 track EP, Gerner’s vocals emotionally capitvating, while the production is playful yet never overbearing. A stunning addition to the Eglo roster. - Bleep