“Cosmopolitan producer Flako unveils the extra-chilled inspirations behind his polyrhythmic beats and electronic soul stylings. As a German citizen of Chilean heritage living in London, Flako knows a thing or two about displacement. But then, home is where the heart is, and in his case it’s clearly on his sleeve. Flako’s sonic palette is a blend of analogue colours and cutting-edge design, drawing inspiration from the raw beats of the post-Dilla era, UK garage’s heavy swing, the menacing undertones of early dubstep, and sweet old soul music. But what really differs this multi-faceted beat scene frontrunner from the armada of Madlib/FlyLo copycats is the fact that he developed an unmistakable signature sound throughout his whole body of work.

After releasing various one-off projects on various labels, he is about to release his debut album on Five Easy Pieces. Besides signing his futuristic blue-eyed soul alter ego Dirg Gerner to Eglo and hooking up his label mate Fatima with a-class beats for her debut LP, Flako has steadily developed his own formula. His upcoming debut album goes by the name of Natureboy and is a perfect portrayal of Dario’s vision in 2015, melting hypnotic ambience and layered melodics with orchestral leanings and his trademark polyrhythmic drum lines.” – RBMA Radio